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My Reviews (Eric Fisher)- Good, Bad and Ugly

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Out and about on my travels and projects I often find myself engaging with institutions, shops and so on. Sometimes these experiences are good, other times they are bad and occasionally they are darn right ugly.

You can sometimes get the Kafkaesque feeling that you are not heard and you are surrounded by complacent injustice. It might be in an organisation that puts itself before its customers or a small concern that goes rogue for bizarre reasons. Whatever the cause things ain’t right.

I have found that engaging with sites like google.maps and trust pilot can redress the balance. Groups mentioned on here can be really sensitive to bad press, quite surprisingly so in many cases. I recommend everyone should engage with review sites and take the power back.

With this in mind I though I would open a new wing on my blog site to bring together my activities here into one place. Hope you find it useful or interesting in some way.

My Google.maps Reviews

My Trust pilot Reviews

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